The features of Uniden business

Global network

"Uniden has a global perspective in strategic planning and centralized with a global management system that can promptly make instructions to our world.
Sales capabilities that can quickly realize customer demands into products; development capabilities to link desired products into production within timely manner; procurement capabilities to realize higher value-added products; production capabilities to obtain the trust of customers and the market by providing a stable supply of high-quality products, and management abilities to centralize and manage this information to support management decisions in line with the situation.
Uniden enhances the reform by managing with the five functions which are both fundamental and ultimate more effectively."

Top share

Radios Scanners

The Radios Scanners primarly dominate the market in North America with an almost 100% market share. We are maintaining our monopoly by continuing thriving innovative products in this robust market.

Radar Detectors

The Radar Detectors have been recognized for its solid performance and has expanded its share of the market in North America ten times in a single year. The market has been expanding, and Uniden aims to flourish and achieve further market share.

CB Radios

The CB Radios are immensely desired in the market demostrating competitors are noticeably weak, Uniden aims for the opportunities to capture its market share.